Audio Drome Recording will service any project from MUSIC RECORDING to RADIO, TV & FILM CONTENT.

Your team is guaranteed to enjoy the experience!
We understand the creative process and take great care to provide our artists with an inspiring and comfortable environment.

Services include:
Music Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Commercial & Corporate Voiceover & Jingle Production
Sound Design, Sound F/X Production, Editing
Radio Advertisement Production & Placement
Original Music Creation & Production

Chris Passanante is an audio engineer with over 15 years of experience in music composition and audio editing.  A graduate from Temple University’s Media Studies & Production.  Chris has extensive experience recording everything from dense musical arrangements, to jingles, to tedious ADR.  Equipped with a microphone collection (Rode, Electrovoice, Shure, Audix, MXL) and software to cover all ground (Steinberg Cubase, Halion, GrooveAgent, Native Instruments, and Waves, Sonnox, Izotope VST plugins).

The studio has a 500 sq ft A/V control room overlooking a 1200 sq ft chromakey sound stage, an isolation booth, lounge area, and a garage door for easy equipment loading.

Letter 8 Media is a proud partner of 91.5 WDBK and donates the facilities and technology that make The Classroom Sessions a reality.

The studio is also available to rent for booking, please contact

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Letter 8 Media, LLC

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